Quote1 ...And that means Spider-Man is going into action again! I'll fight as I've never fought before!! Nothing will stop me now! For I know at last that a man can't change his destiny... and I was born to be... Spider-Man!!! Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Spider-Man is still being ridiculed over his escape from a fight with The Green Goblin and it's been the talk of all his previous super-villains as well as other super-heroes. We see that Peter Parker is taking care of his Aunt May at home and when at school, his concern for Aunt May is consuming most of his thinking. Pete, desperate to earn money to buy more medicine for Aunt May, goes out as Spider-Man to see what he can do. He tries a trading card company as well as a pair of scientists to sell his adhesive webbing but in both instances he strikes out, with neither showing any interest. As he heads home, he runs into the Sandman and being so concerned about Aunt May living alone, he runs away and hides and the public sees this writing off Spider-Man as a coward once again. As crime continues on, Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) begins to suspect something is wrong and writes a message in the sky for Spider-Man to meet him at the Statue of Liberty but he doesn't show. Flash is so desperate about clearing Spider-Man's name, he goes out to dress as him and fight criminals and gets beat up instead. As Pete gets ready to quit as Spider-Man, the doctor says Aunt May is in the clear and won't have to take any more medicine. After reading yet another editorial about a weak and phony Spider-Man, Pete decides to go out as Spider-Man and begin to fight back.



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