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While the city recovers from Onslaught's attack, Spider-Man unknowingly busts up the Rose's attempt to cripple Fortunato's operations. Meanwhile, decreased revenue and repairs to the damaged Bugle building force Jonah to lay off some employees including Kate Cushing. Elsewhere, Scrier meets with Rose, insisting he is his future partner. Unable to get into his apartment with Jimmy-6 there (SM #70, '96), Spidey goes for a swing. Peter arrives at the Bugle to see Jacob Conover fired. Robbie fires Peter next. Later, Scrier returns to Gaunt's warehouse where he removes his mask, revealing he is possibly a normal man in disguise. Spidey finds two kids, Aleishia and Kadril, fighting over whether mutants were responsible for the deaths of the city's heroes. He takes them web-slinging, telling them that assigning blame only diminishes the heroes' sacrifice. As Scrier and Gaunt discuss their mutual employer, Chakra spies on them. Peter returns home where Mary Jane reveals she plans to name their baby May. Chakra reports the Scrier-Gaunt alliance to Traveller and the Host. Spidey drops the kids off. Aleshia asks how he continues, having lost so many friends. Spidey tells her they are always in his heart.


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  • How will Spider-Man deal with the results of the Onslaught war? And will Peter dodge the axe when J. Jonah Jameson "downsizes" the Daily Bugle?


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